BIOFAC is an innovative company with almost 70 years' manufacturing expertise in supplying natural bulk ingredients to our customers within the pharmaceutical, the nutraceutical, and cosmetics industries worldwide.

Creation of high quality products is our pride and priority. All our five factories are located in Denmark - a country with possibly the strictest medicinal and veterinary authorities in the world. In terms of sales and market presence, we are a truly international company finding inspiration in different parts of the world and supplying our products worldwide.

We believe that personal relationships are key to our success. BIOFAC's open and friendly corporate culture promoting freethinking and innovation, as well as our focus on the establishing long-term close relationships with our customers and suppliers, determine our success as a company.

In 2010 a successful spin-off of BIOFAC Esbjerg factory took place. In BIOFAC Esbjerg we developed a unique and successful technological process for Chondroitin Sulfate without usage of organic solvents.

Since then all BIOFAC factories have been certified with GMP. BIOFAC achieved a turnover growth of about 25 % during 2010-2013. We expanded our staff by more than 10% during the same period, where especially the R&D department, the QC department, and our analytical laboratories increased in a number of employees.

Today our production takes place in five modern factories; all our factories are located in Denmark.

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