BIOFAC wins an Innovative Partnerships Award

29. oktober 2015
BIOFAC wins an Innovative Partnerships Award from University of Huddersfield

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - October 29, 2015 - BIOFAC won a Research and Innovation Award in a category Innovation Partnership Award by University of Huddersfield, where we competed with six strong candidates to receive this recognition. The award was distributed by the Research and Innovations committee of the University of Huddersfield during an official award ceremony, which took place in Quayside, Queensgate Campus on October, 15, 2015.

The collaboration between the parties comprises research within the area of bioactive peptides from animal tissues based on BIOFAC products. Focus of the research involves peptide testing for biological activity such as antioxidant, cell proliferative and wound healing activity, performed on human cell lines. Peptide fractions displaying high bioactivity will be further characterized based on their physical-chemical properties. The goal of this research is to produce data, which can be used for further refinement of existing BIOFAC products, but also for creating a new platform for the production and development of new peptide products.



BIOFAC is an innovative company with almost 70 years' manufacturing expertise supplying natural bulk ingredients to our customers within the pharmaceutical, the veterinary, the nutraceutical and the cosmetics industries worldwide. All our factories are located in Denmark.

About Innovative Partnerships Award, University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Innovative Partnership Award is given for collaboration with an external business where it can be demonstrated that a seed corn activity has led to further opportunities of collaboration that can include an externally co-funded project, Social Enterprise, Joint Venture or License.

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