Hem Iron

BIOFAC Hem Iron has superior solubility and absorption qualities while fewer if any gastrointestinal side effects.

Advantages of BIOFAC Hem Iron

Hem Iron is more easily absorbed by human body, compared to inorganic iron. This is due to the fact that Hem iron's intake is not influenced by the many ligands in the diet; furthermore, it is directly taken up into enterocytes by an absorption pathway different from that of inorganic iron. Hem iron is also unaffected by the high pH of the upper small bowel, which renders some forms of inorganic iron insoluble.

No risk of iron overtake:

Interestingly, uptake of Hem Iron by the transporter is regulated by the iron level in the body. While inorganic iron is transported to the body through nonselective iron channels, Hem iron has its own heme transporter, meaning no other metal ions can interfere with Hem iron absorption. As Hem iron channel is regulated, it is no risk of the overloading, while intake of inorganic needs to be cautiously controlled.

Iron overload can cause serious health risk because of the generation of reactive oxygen species by free iron.

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Solubility of iron products is an important factor, because the solubility directly affects absorption efficacy in the body. BIOFAC has developed a Soluble Hem Iron grade, soluble at a wide range of pH.

BIOFAC Hem Iron: a few if any gastrointestinal side effects.

Women and kids who are the major users of iron supplements often suffer of inorganic iron supplements gastrointestinal side effects., such as nausea and constipation. The Iron complex in Hem-Iron has major advantages as an oral iron source, since the product is gentle to the digestive system. Unlike inorganic iron, Hem Iron normally leaves the user with very little or no digestive disturbances.

BIOFAC Hem Iron: application

The product is used in pharmaceuticals and OTC products, prophylactically, or as a treatment of iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is a very common worldwide nutritional problem and a common cause of anemia. Pregnant women, young women during their reproductive years, teenagers and children tend to be at the highest risk for iron deficiency.

Storage and stability:

BIOFAC Hem Iron is a hygroscopic product that easily absorbs humidity from the air. It should be stored at room temperature not exceeding 25°C in tight containers. The re-test date for BIOFAC Hem Iron is 2 years from the date of production.