Synonym: Peptic digest of animal tissue/ Meat hydrolysate
Raw Material: Porcine or Bovine meat from animals controlled by an official veterinarian and found fit for human consumption. Bovine raw materials are obtained solely from countries recognized as having a negligible /or controlled BSE-risk in accordance with OIE, Chapter 11.5 of the Terrestrial Code.

Orthana hydrolysates are a protein derivative formed through peptic, hydrolysis of animal proteins originating from porcine or bovine raw material.

Orthana hydrolysates contain polypeptides and amino acids and provide a readily available source of nitrogen.

Orthana produces a wide range of different grades of hydrolysates most of them being tailor made to suit the individual needs of each client.

Orthana hydrolysates are used in the industrial fermentation as good media to overcome the lag-phase and secure a smooth fermentation, due to the fact that the hydrolysates have a well-defined composition and a low microbiological content.

Orthana hydrolysates are well suited as an all-purpose hydrolysate, which may be incorporated into a variety of uses.

Orthana hydrolysates can even be used in the food industry as media for flavor.

Availability and packing
The hydrolysates are available as:
1. a spray dried powder packed in 25 or 50 Kg-fiber drums with a double PE bag.
2. in syrup form with approx. 70 % solids packed in plastic drums of about 250 Kg net.

Storage and Stability
Should be stored in original and tight containers at a cool and dry place. Please note that hydrolysates are very hygroscopic and therefore easily absorb the humidity from the air.

If stored as described above the shelf life of hydrolysates in powder is 3 years from date of production. The shelf life for hydrolysate Extract in liquid form is 2 year from date of production.