Wound Healing Agents

In the field of wound healing BIOFAC offers a number of products with the established clinical efficacy:

BIOFAC Plasmin

We offer either pure Plasmin or a mixture of Plasmin with Deoxyribonuclease (DNase), called Bionuclease.  Bionuclease works as a debriding agent, removing foreign material and dead tissue from the wound in order to prevent infection and promote healing.  

Bionuclease is used in ointments for topical application to promote healing of wounds, in particular chronic wounds and wounds with pre-existing physiological condition, e.g. diabetic foot ulcers, general surgical wounds, burns,  ulcerative lesions-trophic, abscesses, etc. The application of ointments with Bionuclease for vaginal use is indicated for mild to moderate infections.

BIOFAC Placenta Extracts

Placenta Extract is recognized for having a beneficial role as a topical agent in the management of chronic non-healing wounds.

BIOFAC offers a liquid Placenta Extract grade, which is suitable for application in ointments and gels.

BIOFAC Thrombin

Thrombin has a number of well-studied biological activities, which serve to achieve coagulation and hemostasis.

BIOFAC Thrombin has found its application in a variety of trauma dressing products, as hemostatic pads and thrombin hemostat in a foam gel form. Furthermore, it can be used in a thrombin solution to be applied in various types of surgery.

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